“Trails of Nostalgia” – Debbie Ambrous

“What are you looking at?”  Jim questioned me curiously when I sat on the edge of the bed staring at the picture in the frame on my bedside stand.  Lost in reminiscence, I was slow in telling him that I was only looking at the picture of the two of us.  He said, “Oh, I thought you saw a bug on the wall.”  “I did.  An Ugly Bugly!  You!” I shot back at him.

The picture was taken almost fifteen years ago just a few days after I learned that I had breast cancer.  My face in the picture looks much younger than now and happy despite the uncertainty I was facing.  Jim’s hair was much longer than I liked.  He was on a mid-life learning curve.  To complete the picture, I had a teenager daughter at home, a husband who wanted to be a teenager again and doctors planning to fill my veins and my thoughts with scary substances.  Read more in my book released on Amazon –  A French Opportunity.

Nostalgia. I’ve been on a nostalgia trip in many directions recently.  I took my camera along for pictures of some of the best of Alabama not knowing that I had a dose of nostalgia with a kick big enough to drop a mule just down the road.  But first, let’s see the Alabama trail of nostalgia that started earlier before the truckload came to my door…

Camellias – The State of Alabama flower

Alabama Windmill – A work of art and functionality

Notice French dish towel on the right. A lady who thinks she is fancy pants author of French books lives here.

Alabama Home’s Washing on the Line – I had to take the washing off the line and tidy the house when Mama passed away. More pictures were snapped on the Sweet Home Alabama trail of nostalgia, but they must remain saved for another time.  A new trail of nostalgia began with sensory overload at every curve.

My baby book. No, you may not see the page with my birth date!

Old ties from Daddy’s closet

Mother’s handwriting speaks for itself on this faded envelope.

The poster was folded into the envelope. I remember seeing the poster once, and Mama said Daddy had given it to her because she looked like the girl in the poster. She was just that pretty, and Daddy did have a gift of smooth talking. Maybe he was wearing one of those old ties.

This is just a droplet of my dose of personal nostalgia!  I’m sure you have meaningful treasures in your closets also.  They launch dreams of the past and hopes for tomorrow.

Take a look inside the book A French Opportunity at www.Amazon.com and perhaps buy it for someone you love to establish new trails of nostalgia. (Available on European Amazon sites also.)

Click over to the France Storytelling page on the tab above for beautiful pictures – “Nostalgia in Burgundy.”

A French Opportunity


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    • Kristy, your comment is truly “a pause that refreshes.” Thank you for the pick-me-up on this cold day in Alabama. The water in our fountain is frozen. No bird baths happening for the birdies this morning. Thank you and have a good day!

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