“Wings and Things Jim Said” – by Debbie Ambrous

A ceremonial burning of words on a woodpile at the end of our driveway is happening today!  Jim’s set aflame “certain words” – not books.  Actually, only one irksome phrase went up in blazes – IT IS WHAT IT IS.  Interrupting the bonfire builder, I asked what inquiring minds plus a few neighbors in fear for their life and property wanted to know.  “Jim, why are these words in flames?”

Jim said, “Because I’m tired of hearing it over and over, and you told me to build a fire and put this paper on it and keep a water hose handy…something to do with your blog.” Groaning and annoyed I told him, “That is not the way I scripted your response! Let’s try again.  Why do you want to eliminate this phrase – IT IS WHAT IT IS – from the English vocabulary?”

Mr. Language Person tells his side of the story, “ Because it might be different than the asinine, irrefutable statement laid out on the table.”  I insert a thought, “You mean like wait a day and it could change, like bread dough rising?”

“How did bread come into this?  It’s more like chicken wingsThis repulsive statement is like plopping raw wings with slimy stuff oozing from the cellophane covered package on to a pretty table. How would you feel?  It IS NOT WHAT IT IS until you take those wings and marinate them with “T” Bellinger’s barbecue sauce, fire up a hot grill and cook them just right.  Then arrange them all pretty on one of your plates, so you will be happy with the presentation.  Sit back in my comfortable chair with T Bellinger and my friends and click on a football game.  Then “Mr. T” can say in his deep, booming voice “IT IS WHAT IT IS’ and that will be the final word!!!  I’m just tired of people serving up “Nekkid Wings” and telling me “It Is What It Is!”


Mr. T, please send your BBQ sauce recipe. As you can see, Jim is eating Tater Tots until you come to his rescue.

Are you tired of certain phrases?  What phrase is on the woodpile at your house?

How would you say “It Is What It Is” in France?  Does anyone know?  Just don’t say it –even in French – to Jim!

Click below to see my book.  Thank ya’ll very much for your kind comments!

A French Opportunity



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    • Alice you could always tackle anything with success. You are such a good example to follow. Thanks for the confidence building comment!

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