“Just Plain Lazy” – by Debbie Ambrous

Writing isn’t exactly flowing like wine here in France like I expected.  I usually have a theme for the story, hopefully sticking to it with only a few surprise curves and perhaps even a moral to the story.  Now it seems that I have only plugged in pictures with comments like a doddering great-aunt would leave on her vacation photos to the seaside.  Forgive me but the sumptuous meals, dreamy landscapes and tempting antiques have filled my brain to overflowing.  Then again, I am working almost full-time for the construction company while I am here with my work day running from 2:30 PM to 10:30 PM (France time).  Those details can run over into the other part of the day as well.

We drove to Urval and Ville-Franche-du-Perigord yesterday for vide-grenier (like a yard sale – literally means “Empty out the attic”) and flower sale.   As we were driving along I suddenly saw the sign for Urval.  I told Jim that it must not be the main exit since we had not been through Siorac yet, and he said, “Oh, yes we have.  Where were you?  Didn’t you see that big grocery store we went to on Friday?”  My mind had been on work.

Those are the reasons that my inkwell for writing is dry, or maybe I am just plain lazy.  Whatever the cause, I will try to shape up.

We’ve met new friends already. Ray and Gayle, on the left, are from California and they’ve lived here for seven years. The nice ladies on the right are French. Ray and Gayle stayed busy with translation during our Sunday lunch.

Etouffee de joue de boeuf confit au vin de Domme, Petits oignons glaces a brun
(my selection for the main dish)

Ray’s dessert selection – They were all hoping I would rush with the photo shoot, or he would have charred remains.

Tatin aux pomme, caramel laitier, et sa glace vanille Bourbon
My dessert selection

Douceur de fraises, riz au lait senteurs Cumbawa, sorbet du meme fruit
Do you have room for more dessert?

We dined here at La Treille at Vitrac, France Just click on the picture for their website

The view from the restaurant terrace

When we leave the restaurant, this road and others like it take us home to our house in France – Moncrabou – Just click on the picture to see Chef Jim’s cooking over on the France pictures and storytelling page.

More pictures are on the France Pictures and Storytelling page.  Just click on over.  Thank you very much for your support.  Ya’ll come back to visit.  I hope to post often during this Month of May in France at Moncrabou.

4 thoughts on ““Just Plain Lazy” – by Debbie Ambrous

  1. If I was in such an enchanting place like France, I would be lost for words too. Your pictures tell a thousand words or more.

  2. All the pictures of the wonderful food are making me hungry, not to mention jealous! I love the rock along the roadway, so beautiful!

    • It has been fun trying new dishes at restaurants also. We have most of dinners at the house with Jim as the chef. We had lunch today at Domme. Look it up. Beautiful! I will add pictures later.

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