“I Told You to Pack the Umbrella!” – by Debbie Ambrous


Did you see that sign?  You just flew past a sign that said DANGER with a big exclamation point, and now you’re hurdling toward a guardrail with arrows!   Acting all innocent and replying in his best “aw gosh” voice Jim said, “You don’t just hang around a place when it’s advertising DANGER! I was just rushing on to safe grounds to protect you.”

That was a few days ago when the world was bright and sunny in France before the rain, storm, dark clouds and hail!  Yes, hail.  We suddenly had hail a few days ago.  Jim took pictures of it which he will gladly share if you would like to see what looks like mothballs mixed with mud and rocks.

We went to Marqueyssac Gardens, and we found glorious sunshine! Yes, he drinks beer, and I drink tea most of the time. French wine is ordered quite often with our meals also, of course.

We left our umbrella at home to keep company with the ones we bought in Japan, England, Belgium and Disney World.  Why bother with a useless thing like that in your luggage when the sun will shine in France?  In our defense, Jim says that Rick Steves says to buy a cheap umbrella wherever you are traveling.  The French word for umbrella is parapluie.  Now, there’s a word that fits the weather condition.  It’s parapluie all over France, and according to the weather predictions it will be that way for at least a decade!

The roses are finally blooming! None of the white roses were blooming at Marqueyssac Gardens. Roses are not the primary garden focus as you will see in other pictures.

Seriously, we apparently were not watching the DANGER sign.  At least 80%, if not even more, scientists are saying that this is our fault.  We are all under the same parapluie together, and it’s getting very uncomfortable!

Gardeners were busy, clipping and using a measuring tape for precise shaping of the plants and the walkways.

The views are incredible in all directions.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for misspelling Shopi (grocery store that we like) in the previous post.   I asked Jim if the name had two “P’s” or only one.  I could have looked it up, but I thought he would know since he had just returned from Shopi.  He is not a winner of any spelling contests.  Reading his writing including his grocery lists can render me speechless in laughter.  I should have known not to ask him.  He can’t spell “peas” on the grocery list much less know the number of “P’s” in Shopi.  However, he can cook them, and that’s more important.

Jim says the plastic Shopi grocery bag that I’ve been using to cover my head from the rain is perfectly suitable.  We are off to search for a parapluie!  Possibly Shopi has one!

Final note…  We outsmarted the weather experts and found sunshine with occasional clouds.  No parapluies in hand yet.  Read Chapter 18 “Peacocks Rule!” in my book “A French Opportunity” for more about the gardens and the peacocks.  See the France – pictures and storytelling page for more pictures of our rainy/sunny day in France.

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