“Bull Sale or Peanut Butter Festival?” – by Debbie Ambrous

003“Are we going to the bull sale or the Peanut Butter Festival?” Jim popped this question after I had dodged farmer’s pickup trucks on the highway to run and snap a picture of a sign for a bull sale stuck into the red clay by the road.  Who could resist that opportunity?  But the festival was on my agenda for the day.  With those directions in place, Jim cracked a joke, “Yeah, we don’t have room in the Jeep for a bull.”  Grinning in the direction of the white cotton fields rolling past the Jeep’s window, I mumbled, “No, we don’t need another old bull in the Jeep.”


PEANUT BUTTER FESTIVALBrundidge, Alabama  The nice gentleman at the pickup truck will tell you all about it.  If you don’t find him, just ask another fella by a pickup truck.

We missed the parade.  Parking lots were full on our entry road, but I spied a photo shot better than the bull sale or the parade.

Gives a whole new meaning to outdoor toilet!

Gives a whole new meaning to outdoor toilet!

 A row of gleaming white porcelain toilets was there in the sunshine for all to see behind the Main Street stores.  

Aloe is growing in the center toilet

Aloe is growing in the center toilet

Flowers were growing in profusion from the bowls and tanks.  I snapped my pictures and pulled a snippet of aloe from one of the toilet bowls.  When I swung my camera bag inside the car, Jim accused me of swiping purty flowers and said the law would be after me for sure.  They were in the toilet, may I remind you?!  Besides, they grow faster than weeds.

We found a parking place and walked along the sidewalk to the main festival place.  Following a young couple holding hands with a little girl wearing a frilly tutu, I thought of when we were young and did the same.  “Jim, remember when we were just like that young couple?  I notice one exception though, I didn’t have a cellphone in the back pocket of my jeans in those days.”  As a dead giveaway, Jim said, “Oh, you’re right, but I hadn’t noticed her derriere.”  Um..right! Sure, you didn’t notice!  Jim rambled on, “Besides, you had the cutest – Ouch! Why did you jab me?” Lowering my voice I said, “Shh! The people behind us will hear you!” 

Inquiring minds are nosy about the couple near our age who followed us on the sidewalk.  What did they say?  I didn’t hear the words, but I have it on good authority that it went something like this. The old lady said to the handsome man, “Honey, have you noticed that the woman ahead of us is wearing a jacket that doesn’t match her blouse?  Don’t you think she is too old to wear those jeans, and they really don’t flatter her fanny?”  Her astute husband said, “Oh, I think she looks fine!”  Authors comment and rebuttal: “Excuse me!  I was in a hurry when I dressed.  Otherwise, my ensemble was perfectly coordinated. 020 As for the honest, totally accurate husband’s reply, I’m wondering why she tripped the  poor fella right there on Main Street in front of the Piggly Wiggly sign.”

This was one fun festival!  I’m so very glad we did not miss it.  I will let the pictures tell most of the story.

Troy ladies

Troy, Alabama ladies with the PIONEER MUSEUM

Martha Stewart will be so proud of me for posing with her hairstyle on the street with Mr. Peanut.

Martha Stewart will be so proud of me for posing with Mr. Peanut. Hope she isn’t upset that I badly needed a trim on her famous hairstyle.


One reader complained that I don't show enough pretty girls. Meet Ashley - a true beauty!

One reader complained that I don’t show enough pretty girls. Meet Ashley – a true beauty!

Next year I'm wearing my hat!

Next year I’m wearing my hat!  That’s Betty Bennett with Would B Crafts (Brundidge, AL) and B.J.Spencer with River Rose (Drummonds, TN) Looking pretty, ladies!


Sugar cane is being crushed to make finger-lickin’ good cane syrup.



Rodeo rider

This skilled rider and his horse perform in rodeos in our area.

pottery maker

TBL Crafts – Phenix City, AL


The sweet dogs in the picture above are thirteen year old triplets.  They’ve posed for calendars and all sorts; now they’ve posed for me.

TBL Crafts' beautiful pottery

TBL Crafts‘ beautiful pottery

We kept talking to people, looking at the hand-made goodies, enjoying the displays, listening to music, eating samples of delicious food and watching the dancing.  All the while, I had my eye on the mule and wagon rides.  I dearly wanted to ride the old wagon, but time was slipping away.  We walked back to the Jeep and headed out of town.  I told Jim how much I had wanted to ride the wagon, and that adorable man turned the car around and took me back. 

Don - 18 years

Don, in the overalls and cap, has been taking folks on mule and wagon rides for eighteen years.  Thanks, Don!  I had a grand time!

We waited for the wagon with all of the children, not a one in the bunch much more than twelve years old.  Who says you can’t have a second childhood?  I rode in front – first class!  Jim was in the cheap seats in the back on a bale of hay.  After two rides around the block, I alighted like Queen Elizabeth from her carriage, except for the hay stuck to my shoes.  I hope there was only hay stuck to my shoes. 

View from the front seat

View from the front seat – Mule Mission Control

Jim asked about my ride up front.  I told him it was great.  In fact, I mentioned to Don that my dad’s family came from Pike County where Brundidge is located.  Don pointed to one of the oldest buildings and said it was built by a man with Dad’s last name, and he listed a bunch of notable, prominent people with our family name. 

Jim said, “Were any of them in jail for stealing aloe plants from the public toilets?”

Next time we will head on over to the Bull Sale!

Click here for Cattle in France on the France – storytelling and pictures page. This France page is especially for my friends in Babbie, Alabama.  See Babbie’s connection to France by clicking above.

Read “A French Opportunity” for more small-town stories and other adventures further away yet with the same feeling of warmth and humor.

I am very thankful to the friendly people in this pretty little town with its main street of well-preserved old buildings with many businesses still operating. 015 I was impressed that such a small town has a theater – We Piddle Around Theater – with cultural events.  Check it out by clicking on the theater name.  You will find more information about the Peanut Butter Festival, celebrated for twenty one years with heaps of old-fashioned fun.027

Families were gathered to watch the parade from the wide verandas of old houses, and children ran and played on the green lawns. The antique stores are worth a visit, and you shouldn’t miss the museums in Brundidge, a town with a great sense of fun and humor.  Circle your calendar for next year’s Peanut Butter Festival.

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“OPEN HOUSE – French Style” – by Debbie Ambrous

Jim felt at home on the stone terrace and enjoyed views of plowed fields and forests down below.  A euro for your thoughts, Jim.

Jim felt at home on the stone terrace and enjoyed views of plowed fields and forests down below. A euro for your thoughts, Jim.

“Did you buy the little stone house mentioned in your book that you toured with the French-speaking realtor?”  Occasionally, a reader of A French Opportunity will ask this question, and I must sadly tell them that it slipped through my fingers – too much indecision and complications.  Another question, much more difficult to answer is, “Do you plan to live in France?”  Without direct eye contact, I reply that I would like very much to live in France at least part of the year, and I would love to own a house there also.  My eyes are averted because I know that both of these ideas are complicated and somewhat costly.

Would we feel at home in this long-term rental?  We felt drawn to this beautiful stone house immediately.  Would we have visitors?

Would we feel at home in this long-term rental?
We felt drawn to this beautiful stone house immediately. Would we have visitors?

We explored a different venue – long term renting – when we were in France this past month of May. I searched on the internet and found a cute house for 450 euro per month. (A yearly rental costs less than a vacation rental, but it doesn’t come with all of the many extras found in those homes.)

Jim checked out everything.  He looks like he belongs there, right?

Jim checked out everything. He looks like he belongs there, right?

Do you like to visit realtor’s “Open Houses” and check out the décor?  Perhaps you will enjoy the open house we enjoyed in Southwest France, exact location withheld and unfortunately no pictures of the interior.  Outside pictures are shown since anyone could drive past and snap these or find them on the internet, like I did.

The annual-rental house in the advertisement had one bedroom and one bathroom upstairs; a large living room and kitchen with a beautiful stone fireplace were downstairs.  The rooms were furnished with antiques, and nice, new appliances were in the kitchen.   We found the real estate agency with the listing after Jim re-directed my steps from side tours into interesting stores along the street.  A young man greeted us at the agency and showed a catalog of houses and apartments for rent.  Rentals are advertised as locations. We made arrangements to see the house on the following day and returned to meet an English-speaking young lady named Natalie who was enthused to show a house to Americans.  Natalie drew a map for us to locate the rental and said the house was on the route to her home, so she would meet us when she left work.  Totally excited at the prospect of seeing the house, we rushed right away to find it!

The large window is at the upstairs stairwell.  The smaller window is in the bathroom.

The large window is at the upstairs stairwell. The smaller window is in the bathroom.

Just a short, peaceful drive from the main road, we found the tall stone house high on a hillside with verdant views of the valley farmland and forest below.  We couldn’t believe that it was more beautiful than even expected.  After walking around and inspecting everything including the gas tank, the satellite dish, the small lake down the hillside and the storage shed, we left and spent our day anxiously waiting until the realtor could meet us.

We waited for the realtor here thinking this could be our driveway.

We waited here for the realtor, thinking this could be our driveway.  Isn’t the house a beauty?

We arrived early and parked at the chained, padlocked entry.  Natalie arrived and opened the large white shutters for all four of the French glass doorways, shedding sunlight into the kitchen and living room.  A wide stone wall with arched opening separated the two rooms with a step down from the kitchen to the living area, and both areas had beautiful terracota-tone tile. A chandelier was attached to the beautiful beams in the living room; I could easily imagine having friends visit after I decorated.  All of the walls had the beautiful honey-colored stone common to the area.  Yellow tile covered the wall above the old white sink with wide drainboard and a large window had views toward the driveway.  There was only one problem.  There were no appliances.  No range, refrigerator or washing machine!  I didn’t expect a dishwasher, and yes, it is common to have the washing machine in the kitchen.  Now, I know it is also common not to provide the appliances for tenants.  Wait until my construction friends hear about this!

A plowed field below the house and the road alongside.  A hamlet is just beyond, across a bridge.

A plowed field below the house and the road alongside. A hamlet is just beyond, across a bridge.

Up the beautiful, creaking wood staircase, I found a large bedroom with big windows opened to forest, valley and hillside views.  A nice closet was in the corner, but no furniture was found in the entire house.  Furniture was evidently placed there only for staging the pictures for the internet page.  Drapery rods were installed at each window.  Jim would appreciate the existing rods, considering the possibility of drilling into stonewalls.   The bathroom had blue and white fleur-de-lis tile and another window with a lovely view. 

The view from the the opened bedroom window

The view from the the opened bedroom window

I didn’t worry so much about furniture since I thought I would find stuff at Ikea, vide-grenier (think yard-sale) and brocantes (junk/antique) for reasonable prices.  Cooking utensils, china, flatware, wineglasses, linens and a corkscrew – just listing the essentials – can be found at vide-grenier’s also. Appliance prices had to be checked out.  Since we were not shopping for a huge double-door refrigerator or a chef-style range, the prices were not exorbitant.  We almost forgot that we would want a television, so we checked on that also.  Prices were reasonable enough, and we remembered to check on delivery fees to add to our growing budget. 

We needed to know the cost for heating.  How much would it cost to fill that gas tank down the hill?  Don’t ask!  That is a big ticket item and at least a minor stumbling block to my dream house.  We were still on the road to explore further.  And, on that road, we must have a car.  We went to a dealership and found that we could buy a used car with relatively low miles for a decent price.  Maybe we could get a friend, or a friend of a friend, to check it for us.  The automobile presented more worries to me than the house.  Where would we keep it when we return to Alabama?  What if it breaks down and the repairs are expensive?  How much does the insurance cost? (We learned that the insurance is actually less than what we pay in Alabama.) Also, Americans need a visa for stays of more than 90 days.  Try reading all of the requirements and then tell me if you think it would be easy!

What about health insurance?  There are companies that provide insurance for Americans in France, but the coverage is fairly expensive even with a rather high deductible.  We read about getting coverage through the program in France after living there for 45 days.  My head began to pound at this point, and I preferred the dream of decorating the pretty rooms and drinking wine on the terrace compared to the reality.  However, we have friends who have met the challenges, and they are living happily in France.  Anyone interested in renting a fully-furnished (including appliances) Alabama mini-chateau for a year? Do you think we should go for it, or should we just stay home in Alabama seated by our French fireplace mantel, enjoying views of our newly-planted pansies in the window-boxes?

I know you are expecting me to say that living in France is a pretty dream but just not possible and blah, blah, blah.  I refuse to say that!  I still have hope.  I may still make it yet.  You’re probably looking at my wrinkles and thinking I don’t have much more time to grab this French Opportunity.  Let me tell you one thing for certain, “I AM NOT FINISHED YET!”  Furthermore, if I kick the bucket on Alabama or French soil before I ever live in France, you can write those words on my tombstone.  Wait a cotton-picking minute, forget the tombstone!  Write “I AM NOT FINISHED YET!” on a pretty garden flag and leave it to sway in the breezes in a jardin by a beautiful, pink rose bush.  017Shop for Garden Flags in the French Market, just click here!  You won’t find my garden flag in the French Market; perhaps I will loan it to you.

The garden sign matches the Confederate Rose with the spirit of determination.

The garden sign matches the Confederate Rose with the spirit of determination.

The Confederate Rose belongs to my neighbor Rhonda Boland.

The Confederate Rose belongs to my neighbor Rhonda.  Thanks, Rhonda!  I love your front porch and the Confederate Rose which is actually a hibiscus – Hibiscus Mutabilis – CLICK HERE for more information.

Do you plan to see Paris?  Well, of course!  Everyone has Paris on their list!  Take a look at the beautiful apartments on the website: Click here www.ILoveParisApartments.com  ILoveFranceConsider this website as an OPEN HOUSE for apartments in Paris.  Take a look even if you are not renting yet.  Weekly prices are often lower.  Just ask and start planning. You will have gracious help from the friendly folks at I Love Paris Apartments.  You could even tell them I sent you.

For long term rentals I recommend these websites:

www.Homeaway.com  – This website is great for vacation rentals, but you can also check in the area for additional filters and check the box “long term renters welcome” for longer stays. These houses will have all of the extras.

www.vrbo.com – same as above

www.rentaplaceinFrance.com – This site is precisely for long-term renters with fully-furnished homes.

www.quercyimmo.com – This is a real estate agent listing homes for sale and rentals.  The rentals will likely not be furnished unless stated in the advertisement. 

Immobilier is the word for realtor in France.  Just Google this word with your city of choice or area and a list of realtors will appear.  Prices depend upon area, like anywhere in the world you pay for location. Unless you know the exact area you want, I would suggest that you look at travel guides with pictures and descriptions of each area.  You might check also on: www.Google.com/maps  Using this website, you can enter the name of a town and see the area in advance before you ever take the step of renting.  The pictures are not perfect, so use them along with the perfect pictures in the travel guides to make a decision. 

 I love seeing your comments, and I will also answer questions to the best of my ability.  Other readers may have answers for your questions also.  Just write below and enter your thoughts.  Thank you!!  DON’T MISS SEEING MORE PICTURES of the village near the rental house.  Just click here to the France – storytelling and pictures page.

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Enjoy traveling France with us.  CLICK HERE

Could you refer the link to A French Opportunity website to a friend who may enjoy seeing the pictures and reading the stories?  I may switch to bi-weekly posts instead of weekly.  Please hang in there with me.  It’s just a bit too much for a weekly post sometimes, and I believe you are also equally busy!  

“You Decorated My Life” – by Debbie Ambrous

Welcome and Bienvenue to our decoration work in progress!  Notice Jim's pretty tile work on the steps.

Welcome and Bienvenue to our decoration work in progress! Notice Jim’s pretty tile work on the steps.

Kenny Rogers, the handsome, silver-haired country music star appeared on the Today show this week with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Kathie Lee kept leaning in closer and closer like a giggly teenager.  I can’t say a word of criticism since I probably would have crawled into Kenny’s lap and begged him to sing to me.  With my new Martha Stewart hairstyle and impressive knowledge of John Deere tractors, he should take a liking to me.

Kenny Rogers has a new album released only a few days ago, titled “You Can’t Make Old Friends.” Kenny Dolly Parton sings this new song with Kenny, and she says, “There is just something about our chemistry with each other – our friendship – that people really sense what we really feel.  To do a song that fits so many people, and certainly us, was an honor.  It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to walk this road with Kenny.”  CLICK HERE if you would like to purchase the album.

“Smile — it increases your face value.”
― Dolly Parton

Seeing Kenny Rogers on the television show reminded me of the many times during my younger years when I washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, diapered my babies, mopped the floors and drove on Alabama roads listening to Kenny’s sexy, heart-touching voice.   I loved all of his songs, but one came to mind that could be a theme song for Jim and me.  Kenny sang “You Decorated My Life” (written by Bob Morrison and Debbie Hupp) on television some years ago with a massive screen on the stage showing beautiful pictures of his current wife Mary Ann.   The song begins saying that all of his life has been a page, white and plain, until she came along – “you decorated my life by painting your love all over my heart.”

Jim did the tilework.  I brewed the tea and added the French container with other decoration.

Jim did the tile work. I brewed the tea and added the French container with other decoration.

 I remember reading stories about Mary Ann decorating a Georgia mansion, importing furniture and objects of art from France.  It sounded so extravagant to me at the time, and still I thought I would like to see it and how magnificent it was that she could create a place of beauty.  Jim and I had hand-me-downs and thrift store finds in a new, small subdivision home in Alabama, so we had more of the decorating on our hearts instead of priceless antiques.  Decoupage, antique kits and paint substituted for the expensive stuff.  Our life of decorating together began with music in the background and bickering in the foreground, occasionally; at least I’m still the current wife! 

I found the vanity at a garage sale for $65.00.  Sold!  Jim painted the walls, huge the pictures, drapes etc. etc.

I found the vanity at a garage sale for $65.00. Sold! Jim painted the walls, huge the pictures, drapes etc. etc.

Jim entered my dark-lavender painted office while I was trying to fill this pure white page with my writing.

Mission control for my writing and construction office work.  Jim painted the walls, hung the drapes, positioned and re-positioned furniture until it was just right.

Mission control for my writing and construction office work. Jim painted the walls, hung the drapes, positioned and re-positioned furniture until it was just right.

Read about the pond Jim created in Coconut Grove's solid coral rock! Feel his sweat!  CLICK HERE

Read about the pond Jim created in Coconut Grove’s solid coral rock! Feel his sweat! CLICK HERE

Click here to read "Upside Down Kitchen" to learn about Jim's perils with the pot holder above the range!

Click here to read “Upside Down Alabama-French Kitchen Laugh at Jim’s perils with the pot holder above the range!

Jim asked, “Are you talking about me again?”  How could I answer that question?  I replied that I was talking about our life of decorating together, both symbolically and literally.  He shook his head and asked, “Well, did you tell them about the time I had to cut a big fireplace mantel to fit into your kitchen and then take it down to move to another house?  What about the time I built a deck with old railway ties?  Did you tell them about the 18-foot wide French fireplace mantel I brought from Florida to blow the minds of carpenters in Alabama? What about the old, abandoned cooking range that you had me convert into a barbecue grill and paint glow-in-the-dark orange?  What about the building supply trailer loads of tile that I laid in Florida and Alabama?”

Jim was extra proud of his tile work in our Cape Coral, Florida home that flowed through the kitchen, foyer, bathrooms, laundry room and breakfast room – an extensive job for an amateur.  I was impressed with his work.  When my lovely sister Rachel visited our new house, she got the grand tour.  (I must insert that Rachel was a Kenny Rogers fan also, and we spent many hours with his country music playing as we refinished furniture together.)  Jim boasted and pointed out the tile in each room.  Rachel quietly said, “That’s good.”  Jim replied, “Good?!  Is that all you can say?”  I could see that she was a bit embarrassed, so I rescued her saying, “Well, with each creative day in the Bible’s account in Genesis, God only said that it was good.”  Grumpily, Jim said, “Yeah, but he didn’t lay no tile!”

I hear you, Jim.  You decorated my life and splashed laughter on each day.”

Kenny Rogers can't top this!

Kenny Rogers can’t top this!

This story is written in memory of my beautiful, talented, generous sister Rachel Reeves who brought happiness into our lives. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I will not ask for donations to any special fund, but I will ask you from my heart to help friends and family who sadly must deal with breast cancer.  Give encouragement and kindness to anyone who must deal it.  My kind sister would.  I can’t form all of the words for this page, but you can find them on your own if you decorate other people’s lives.

I sent a book of postcards to Rachel and wrote a note on each card in my sloppy handwriting many years ago.  The pictures below show a couple of those notes and photos of Rachel and her much-loved daughter Kris, who is mother to Kaitlin – Rachel’s precious granddaughter.


Send a note to someone you love.

Click here to see “French Decoration Captures My Heart.”

“John Deere was Here” – by Debbie Ambrous

Billy Ray's tractor

Billy Ray’s bright green restored antique tractor

You will be pea-green with envy when you see our goings-on.  You’ve probably been walking on the beach, racing over blue waves on go-fast boats, shopping for snazzy shoes at designer stores, dining at classy restaurants and seeing the latest shows.  Somewhere in the mushiest part of your heart, you felt a twinge of worry for us that we weren’t skipping along at the same beat of merriment and amusement.  You will thank me for pointing out the error of your ways after you get over your John Deere-green jealousy.  You will notice that I changed the shade of green as a bit of a prelude to our grand tractor show in Opp, Alabama.  It’s  a dog-gone shame that you missed it.

If I'd knowed you was coming, I'd a baked a cake.

If I’d a knowed you was coming, I’d a baked a cake.

Ya’ll will be planning on coming next year.  I can just see you searching for the dates with your I-phone.  We will be plumb tickled to death to see you.  You will be happier than a pig in slop when you make it all the way to Opp.  Now don’t quote me on that, ya’ hear?

Cute birdhouses for your shopping urges

Cute birdhouses for your shopping urges

I thought I had Opp written all over me, and Jim definitely had Opp scrawled on him from his slow-speaking drawl to his scuffed-up shoes.   My jaw dropped and my eyebrows popped up a notch when a lady had the audacious nerve to ask, “Where ya’ll from?”  Right here, of course, I answered fast as a hen on a June bug!  The lady was a smart cookie.  She knew something was out of whack.  French baguettes have influenced my middle and Miami attitudes may have rubbed off on me; so the smart cookie was right as rain when she sized me up.  I stuck in the mud to my local address though and didn’t spill the Miami rice and beans or the French baguettes. 

United Kingdom tractor, despite its French blue paint job

United Kingdom “County” tractor,  a rare two-wheel drive version.  Only two are known to be in existence, and this one resides in Sweet Home Alabama!

Our neighbor Billy Ray had a truly fine green tractor in the line-up.  We had a premier next door before the show.  He keeps another gray tractor in his yard on occasion, and he actually came close to apologizing to me for having it in plain view next to Mary Sue’s spreading, heirloom, pink rose bush.  Before the words could even escape, I blurted out how much I loved seeing his tractor.   I write words of praise for farms in France and Alabama, wrapping words like flowery gift paper around chickens, pigs, cows and sheep and topping them with titles of exuberance like colorful, fluffy bows.  Now, wasn’t that purty as a spotted horse in a daisy pasture?  With old, restored farmhouses and barns in the background, the antique tractors were a sight for sore eyes!  Enjoy!

“Being Southern isn’t talking with an accent…or rocking on a porch while drinking sweet tea, or knowing how to tell a good story. It’s how you’re brought up — with Southerners, family (blood kin or not) is sacred; you respect others and are polite nearly to a fault; you always know your place but are fierce about your beliefs. And food along with college football — is darn near a religion.” 
Jan Norris

Look for “Sweet Southern Cookbook” by Jan Norris.  Try this cookbook also for Southern recipes from a French chef trained author: Click on Bon Appetite Ya’ll

Our speech may sound down-right funny to people from other parts.   Some of us speak with fractured grammar and embellish stories with colorful expressions.  Somewhere in the middle, another group has buffered away most of the odd sayings and their grammar is polished except around the edges.  Then, we have Southerners with perfect speech without a hint of local color. 

I must admit that I long to speak and write perfectly, but I would like to keep the Southern expressions that tell the story in vivid words that light up the imagination.  I may not reach the goal of perfect grammar, but I have learned a valuable lesson.  These three groups of Southern speakers and other people from all around the world who form their words in various ways are influenced from deep inside by their hearts.  I know that I need to listen to hear more than accents, unusual words or expressions.  I should always listen carefully for the words uttered from a loving heart since they are beautiful when spoken in any language!

But if the words are not spoken from a loving heart, they can be cold as a frog’s belly.  Now, you can quote me!

Simply Southern Stacked to the rafters with antiques

Simply Southern, 2863 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Opp, Alabama   (334) 202-1273
Stacked to the rafters with antiques!

Beyond the tractor show a huge barn of antiques awaits.  Here’s a sampling.


Can you read and understand this?

Can you read and understand this?


I like these business hours!

I like these business hours!

Give us a holler down below in the "reply" section.  The flowers are for you!

Give us a holler down below in the “reply” section. The flowers are for you!

I found stuff that I threw away or gave away like a McCoy cookie jar.  Come and see what you will find.

Mosey on over and see the French tractors by clicking here.

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