“Moving Day” – by Debbie Ambrous

June 2, 2018 – Saturdayof the Burgundy, France Journal

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We flew the coop like two chickens on the loose with Jim as the crowing rooster, and I was the cackling hen.  Moving day was underway with our stuff packed into suitcases and the refrigerator cleared and cleaned.  We were leaving town, happy with our home in Arnay-le-Duc, but ready to mosey on up the road to different pastures to strut and crow about new treasures.

Noyers, France was our next town and our next rental home, our comfortable nest was The Renaissance, but more about this later.  Meanwhile, you could CLICK The Renaissance for details on the adorable house rental.

SAULIEU, FRANCEWe covered less than twenty miles before I asked Jim to stop in Saulieu where a big market was underway.  It seemed that everyone within a fifty-mile radius was in town.  Parking spots were scarce as hen’s teeth.  I heard the old folks use this expression when I was growing up.  Apparently, hens do not have teeth and while this hen still has her teeth, I was feeling sad with my chance of shopping disappearing if we couldn’t park.  Persistence paid off and soon we hit the bricks and old cobblestones, following the folks with shopping baskets.

Then the street was filled with a dozen or more ladies dressed in black and red wearing red devil horns on their heads.  Laughter spread along the way as they called to each other and the people heading to the market.  I thought they were perhaps a group of bridesmaids throwing a bridal party in the street, a hen party.  We laughed along with the group not really knowing what was up, and then surprisingly one of the ladies asked Jim if he would like to buy a condom.  Puzzled and a little shocked, Jim declined.  Maybe they were promoting safe sex, and in that case we could assure the fun-loving group that we are as safe as it gets!  I have photos of the whole episode, but Jim wouldn’t agree for me to show him with a bunch of women wearing devil horns.  Does the devil have horns?  Hmm?  We will leave that question alone for now, like we left the women in France.Since we had a new refrigerator to fill in Noyers, fresh vegetables and fruit were on our shopping list.  Jim was caught sampling the goat cheese, licking his fingers, when a little boy holding his pretty, young mother’s hand saw him and seemed to question Jim’s manners.  I decided to buy a pretty pink hat to wear instead of my black and white polka-dot number which seemed to attract attention wherever I went.  Live chickens were not on our list, but we watched as people bought the poultry, stuffing the flapping birds into boxes for the ride to their new home.  Some of the pretty chickens, fluffy and colorful, reminded me of a show on Netflix with a lady who raised show chickens.  She was bathing a hen in what seemed to be her kitchen sink.  Not sure I want to eat at her house!  She explained that all layers of the feathers should be cleaned with the sudsy water while the contented hen was enjoying her bath like a spa treatment.  The full salon prep with a blow dryer to fluff the feathers was the next step before show time, and possibly the grand prize.  I am gently mocking the show chickens, but I am sure it would be fun.  I checked for names of the poultry varieties and found one named Dominique, a black and white chicken.  I’ve heard the older folks talk about Dominicker chickens which is the same breed, considered the oldest in the United States, brought from England during colonial times.  Have you heard this name?  I must tell my friend Mabel – something new to cackle about!

AVALLON, FRANCELunchtime found us in Avallon where the crowd was much larger and the town as well.  Our main purchase was spices, and I wish we had bought more!  We bought a spice for chicken that was totally delicious.  Our lunch was at a street-side table, and we watched the people in the sunshine.  You could buy everything from lingerie to mattresses.  More about this lovely town later…NOYERS, FRANCE

Initially, I wanted to spend our entire time for our trip to France in Noyers, but the house was not available for all of our days.  We decided to rent the house in Arnay-le-Duc and then move to Noyers for the remainder of the time.  It was a good choice since we could cover a larger area with day trips from each house.  Noyers is one of the plus beaux villages, but I will save the history and interesting tidbits for later.  When we parked our car across the street from our house, we discovered that we were neighbors to a museum with very unusual artwork.  The curator may have thought that Jim and I fit right into the mix of strange creations.

Our new home, The Renaissance, was just as lovely as I had hoped.  Even now, I find myself remembering the comfortable, bright bedroom, my table with laptop at the front window, the modern kitchen with the old flooring and so many extra touches that made our stay perfect. Moving day was fun and the beginning of a new chapter. Did you enjoy the poultry lesson?  I wish I could say that the couple in the picture below is Jim and me, but we are not that young anymore.  But we are still like two chickens on the loose, and that’s not bad at all!In the last blog story I promised that Jim and I would move from Arnay le Duc to Noyers, further north in Burgundy, a new region to explore.  But I didn’t mention that the story would be very short, composed more of pictures than words. 

I had a behind-the-scene episode.  I ate something yesterday that did not agree with my stomach.  Jim says he tried to poison me and I felt like it!  Next time, if I survive, we will spend our first day in Noyers. Thanks for coming around to visit the blog!

P.S.  Did you notice that I skipped from May 31st to June 2nd?  Hey, now I understand why I had an extra May 31.  The photos and events from the last story, Extra Day in May, were actually June 1st!  I thought we moved on June 1st, but when I checked my rental records I found it was June 2nd.  It still doesn’t explain why the photo download date was May 31st.  Life is too complicated to worry about it.

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