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  1. I will miss your story telling. So glad to hear you will continue to post pictures. Tim is missed. Even though I have seen him very little over the years he was a friend and I can think back and smile about the memories. Our little group of friends had some great times together.

    • Linda, I may spin a few stories later if I get bored with my daily routine. Thank you for the many times you have provided support!!! Thanks for sharing kind words about my brother. He was a special person. All the best, Debbie Ambrous

  2. Beautifully said Debbie you are a wonderful writer and sister /friend. I probably missed a lot of your stories over the years so maybe I can just go back and read all of the ones I have missed. I do love the stories I have read and all of your beautiful pictures of France. I look forward to seeing what your next adventure brings you and Jim.

    • Alisa, you have been such a great support for my stories and the photography! Jim is encouraging me to keep the website open for one more year in case I change my mind and want to write again. Then, I would not have a new set-up with all of the work to perform again. I am undecided, but I will notify everyone if I go that route. Thanks again. All the best, Debbie

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