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June 7, 2018 – “Looking Back”              Posted by Debbie Ambrous – May 4, 2019 These are old photos from 2005 when we visited houses with a realtor.  We were primarily interested in a village house across from an auberge and a boulangerie.     This is the charming stone house below which has hardly changed since 2005. A narrow wooden stairway led to two bedrooms upstairs.




That’s Jim with the thick head of hair on the left with the realtor on the right.  The beautiful armoire in the bedroom was included in the sale. The photo below was the view from the bedroom window.

The photo below was taken on our 2018 visit.  You can see that if anything the house has improved with age.  Wish I could say the same.







The realtor showed us another house in the country which didn’t touch my heart, but I was amused to see old photos of Jim climbing into the attic.     At least he made it safely down, so he could return home in good condition.


May 24, 2018 – “Kodak Moment” Posted by Debbie Ambrous – September 2, 2018      My morning started with a Kodak Moment, and it continued with more beautiful moments including a happy memory of my mama and her thriftiness.  These are some of the left-over photos that did not fit into the story.  I hope you visit the main page for the blog story. Photos below were shot in 2005 and scanned:


May 23, 2018 – “Ducks NOT in a Row” Posted by Debbie Ambrous – August 19, 2018   I  rarely have my ducks in a row even with the best of intentions.  I’m hoping this page will be an exception, and the photos will fall into place without any quack-ups!The photos below were shot in 2005 on film and scanned.   


May 22, 2018 – “The Big Reveal” Posted by Debbie Ambrous – July 29, 2018           Very often I have “left-over” photos that I cannot possibly fit into the blog story.  Of course, you know that “left-overs” are often the best!  I apologize that I haven’t updated this page in ages.  Initially, I intended to share photography from France here when the blog story featured photos from other areas.

To shake things up a little bit, these are left-over photos from the blog story on the main page “The Big Reveal” – warmed over just for you.  Hope you enjoy!The photos shown below were shot over fifteen years ago in the autumn at Chateauneuf, a beautiful time to visit! Notice the comparison to photos of the auberge and the gite to the photos in the blog story in the spring.


Opp Fest in France? –  Posted by Debbie Ambrous – November 1, 2014

I’m not saying there is an actual Opp Fest in France with boiled peanuts, pork skins, country music, Alabama crafts, antique cars and “Ya’ll It’s Fall” signs here and there.  But when Jim and I are in France, it’s always an Opp Fest when we make an appearance.


Couldn't this be an Alabama car? Multi-functional Automobile

Couldn’t this be an Alabama car? Multi-functional Automobile

We should import this vehicle to Alabama. I want one!

We should import this vehicle to Alabama. I want one!

Isn't this a gorgeous antique car? Opp Fest in France anyone?

Isn’t this a gorgeous antique car? Opp Fest in France anyone?

Which poster would you select?










Jim’s Photography Part II – Posted by Debbie Ambrous – February 2, 2014

DSC02871DSC02759Do you like Jim’s photography of France?  He will be signing autographs in our driveway just any day now.  I won’t get any work from him with all of the autograph seekers coming ’round.  I thought these pics were rather grand except for the last one with that lady in the hat rambling on the street.  Thank ya’ll and come back again.

Jim says I am Jealous of his fabulous photography.  I will show him!  More of his work will be showcased in the future.


He loves me, He Loves Me Not, HE LOVES ME! – Posted by Debbie Ambrous -Jan. 11, 2014

Do you think that a proposal in France is more romantic than one in Alabama, Missouri, Florida or Panama?  Would a “will you marry me?” cause your heart to beat faster in France compared to any other place in the world?  Jim first asked me to marry him in the family room of my parents’ house.  He asked again with a ring for my hand in Selma, Alabama, in my parents’ car.  When I think of those moments and where I experienced them, I only remember the happiness not the location.  I was out of this world, top of the world singing inside “HE LOVES ME!”  Where was your proposal?  Let’s change the question to the men, “Where did you propose?”

Love letters in a box like this or a U.S. mailbox are much more romantic compared to text messages, e-mails and twitter!

Love letters in a box like this or a U.S. mailbox are much more romantic compared to text messages, e-mails and twitter!











Raindrops on roses, irises and figs – Posted by Debbie Ambrous – December 29, 2013


Yes, rain falls on roses, irises, figs and more.











32 thoughts on “France – storytelling and pictures

    • Me too! Just people-watching is fun, but seeing all of the beautifully displayed items adds up to more and more pictures in my camera!

  1. I love street matkets like this, I will be in spain in August I hope they have some there. Never been there so wewill see.

    • In Barcelona, they have La Rambla where the vendors spill over into the streets. Even in small towns in Spain, I saw small grocery stores that displayed vegetables & fruits on the street. My visit was several years ago, and I tell about it briefly in my upcoming book. I will be looking forward to hearing about your trip to Spain. Enjoy!

  2. I do have a farmer’s market here in Melbourne, but I have a walker because of my stroke damage, so walking is an effort. Try to grasp every second of the joy your mobility. I’m still having fun through God’s Grace.

      • Is that Wysteria that I see in the pictures(lavender)because we have an abundance in the
        Lakecity Live Oak area… and it is so fragrant!
        Love your pix and your experiences with Jim.. Fun

        • Yes, it is wisteria! The fragrance is very strong and draws bumblebees. Mother had wisteria in her front yard, and we moved some to our home. It will take some time for it to grow, but once it starts it grows in leaps and bounds. Wisteria covers stone houses and terrace arbors. Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad that you like the photography and stories. I may enjoy the photography even more than writing.

  3. Loved your writings and all your pictures. You guys have travel so much you’ll have lots of work fill this Website. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous view of France! The gardens, the food….everything looks so beautiful and tranquil. I have always been curious about the country, but after viewing it through the spectacular lens of your “French Opportunity”-it is now one of my top future get-a-way destinations. 🙂

  5. Your photos are exquisite and remind me our our family trip to the Loire Valley a few years ago. I am a watercolor painter and would love to paint some of your scenes. ( I followed the link to your site via your blog post to Asher Allen on

    • I adore the Loire Valley, and I do hope you paint the scenes from my photos. I would be very happy to see the paintings when you are finished. I enjoy photography, but my sister was the artist in the family. Thank you for sending a comment. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  6. Hi Debbie! Love your photos and reading your experiences. From one travel lover to the other (especially France)! Looking forward to reading your book. Glad V. Walker referred me to your site!

    • Hi Shirley,
      I’m happy that V Walker referred you also. I meet many lovely people through referrals. It seems that we have many things in common. I do hop you enjoy the book, and I look forward to hearing from you again. All the best, Debbie

  7. Love staying in touch with you guys in this unique way plus accompanied by gorgious photos. We want more, more, more.

    • I enjoy writing the blog and the photography also. More, more, more is coming! I appreciate your contribution to this one. I was trying to think of a good quote, and the one from Proverbs that you sent was perfect. Keep the comments coming with more, more, more!

  8. I vote for colored pictures. Black and white can be spectacular with just the right subject, but your subjects cry for color. Thanks for the mini tour. Ali

  9. I just wish I had your amazing ability to tell about your travels. In the past few years, we have made 2 trips to Puerto Rico. One in 2010 to the east side & another one this year to the west side. Both amazing in their own way. Made lots of memories! We also love to take pictures & browse antique/junk shops!! Need to get together & do that one day!! 🙂

  10. I see you figured out the collage. Thank you for mentioning me! I don’t know if you’re aware, but WordPress has the option to display your photos as a collage, and then you can also click to go to each one. It’s a little different, but you may like it. It is done by installing “Jetpack” plugin.

    • Audrey,
      Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll build up my courage and bravery to try some more good things. I’m usually afraid since I sometimes create new problems when I venture out there into the unknown. I like the new features, so I do appreciate your recommendations.

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